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Mayo Clinic Minute: Flaxseed - Tiny seed, nutritional powerhouse

This tiny nugget isn’t a grain but a seed. Mayo Clinic dietitian nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky says flaxseed is high in healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Plus …

And most Americans don’t get enough fiber. It’s good for digestion, heart health and …

Zeratsky says you don’t have to add a lot of flax to your diet to get the benefits. Try adding it to your smoothies.

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11 Flaxseed Benefits and How to Choose the Healthiest Flax Seeds

What’s the best way to store, mill, eat, and use flaxseeds?
Learn all about flaxseeds plus the really incredible biblical significance!

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Tools used in this video
Inexpensive Mini mill used to mill the flax seed https://amzn.to/2HkvDRe

The Vitamix https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HBKSF9R/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8\u0026camp=1789\u0026creative=9325\u0026creativeASIN=B07HBKSF9R\u0026linkCode=as2\u0026tag=flavorofgrace-20\u0026linkId=d91d83fcbff53f653e0c85f7fc60cb1e

Before we begin with the health benefits of flaxseed and how to use it, I want to invite you to read the treasures of healthy Living Bible study https://amzn.to/2Tos8BD. Now, this is a Bible study that is going around the world - New Zealand, South Africa and Europe, Canada and Mexico besides the United States. Yes, it is extremely a good Bible study, especially about healthy living. So I highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself.

Flax Seed Nutrition Facts

So a flaxseed may be super tiny but it’s pretty much a nutritional powerhouse. These little seeds are bursting with health benefits, making them amazing for people who have high blood pressure, hormonal issues, weight or being overweight, depression, cancer, dry eyes syndrome, restless leg syndrome, and many other illnesses such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Flax seeds for hormonal balance is just so very effective, and there’s also flax seeds for weight loss as this superfood is actually capable of keeping you satiated longer, so you won’t end up binge eating.

How to Use Flaxseeds

You’re probably wondering how you should use flax seeds. It is actually very simple. You can use it on your soups, burgers, cereals, your muffins How to make Healthy and Amazing Berry Berry Muffins!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtG8OnYm9Ck and also on your peanut butter sandwich. It does have a strong flavor but by adding it to these recipes, you will enhance the flavor and nutritive component of these dishes.

Flaxseed Nutrition Facts

Let’s talk about flaxseed nutrition. Did you know that flax seeds are rich in fiber and protein? So if you’re wondering how much flaxseed per day you should eat, I definitely suggest 3 tablespoons a day. This much will safeguard your digestive health, as well as prevent cancers and reduce blood pressure. 6 Healthy Choices: Better Ingredients for Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5MJA4eDhVE
Flax seeds for hormonal balance is another thing to keep in mind as these seeds help keep your hormones happy.

Now, in the Bible, flaxseeds have a special significance, specifically in the book of Joshua. In the scriptures, flaxseeds were used for spinning and making a rope, as well as in creating garments of linen. The linen is also designed to represent righteous acts of the saints or faith in Christ. In Joshua, the linen symbolizes God’s grace since wool represents worth and linen is God’s grace. This is why in the Bible, there were men who were hiding on the roof and right underneath the flax. This story of Rehab with spies on the rooftop hiding and God protects his own is just so inspiring and uplifting, making you realize that nothing at all is impossible in God’s almighty power. And yes, it is true - with God, NOTHING is impossible at all Sweeter.

Sweeter Than Honey - A Picture I Will Never Forget! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS-fT7gyl4U

Food for Thought: Health Benefits of Flaxseed

Marilyn Wadum, Methodist Health System dietitian, explains the health benefits of flaxseed in this month's Food for Thought.




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